Who We Are

About Us

QRATES is a web-based service, the combination of vinyl manufacture&sales and digital streaming. Bedroom artists to professional music labels, our mission is to support those who want to press their own music onto vinyl and run their DIY business.

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“QRATES is a new start-up trying to make pressing vinyl easier for small labels”.
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“Qrates lets you press your hot beats onto vinyl”.

Why Vinyl?

QRATES started with our pure love for vinyl. Why did we decided to run a vinyl service in this digital age…? We believe that there is a potential for fusing analog and digital aspects for the future of music consuming. Branding both advantages, we are passionate about encouraging artists and fans all over the world to deliver the joy of physical feeling of music not only with digital formats.

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“This New Startup Is A Mix Of Kickstarter And Digital Vinyl Store”.

How QRATES Works?

QRATES is the platform that contains everything you need to sell, distribute, digitally stream, communicate within one service. We are trying to make everything as easy as possible for artists to assist their DIY business and let them focus on their creation.