Sell your vinyl directly to record stores with QRATES!

Store Delivery is a new system at QRATES which allows our freshly built international network of record store partners to purchase your records from ‘Press & Sell, ‘Funding’, and ‘Sell Catalog’ projects at a wholesale price. When launching a project on QRATES, you can now set up your project as available for purchase by record stores, as well as set wholesale price you wish to sell it at. Store buyers will then have access to your project and can make an order if they like it, giving your projects an extra chance to succeed! All genres of music are welcome. Get access to some of the best record stores worldwide, no more hassle of trying to sign distribution deals, manage 100% of your record projects, sell directly to customers and stores at QRATES and most importantly generate more profit from your music.

Your records distributed to more than 100 stores worldwide

We are launching the Store Delivery system with four partners: HMV, Technique and Jet Set in Japan as well as Juno Records in the UK. In the business for many years, these record stores are widely recognized for their quality of selection and service by artists, labels, customers and the whole music community. These four partners will also purpose your records to other stores they deal with, to account for a total network of more than 100 record stores worldwide.

Please note that the Store Delivery option is not something which promises your records to be sold to the stores. Record stores will have access to your vinyl projects if you select the Store Delivery option and will have the possibility to order copies. If they think they can sell your vinyl, they will order some.

How does it work?

To use the Store Delivery function, you will first need to launch a project page on QRATES. There are 3 types of projects which you can launch.

Press & Sell


The best type of project to collect orders from stores

‘Press & Sell’ allows you to order your pressing and collect pre-orders of the vinyl at the same time. The pressing fee for the vinyl will be payed first by the artist/label, so the stores are sure that the vinyl will be pressed, and can make a firm decision on how many copies they want to purchase.

Funding Projects


Collect pre-orders first, and then press

While the vinyl project is being funded, stores can make pre-orders. However, if the funding is not successful, the vinyl will not be pressed, therefore only some of the stores can make orders. Try to make the project succeed by boosting fan orders and also through self purchases.

Sell Catalog


Sell your back catalog vinyls to record stores

For vinyls that you have pressed before, or that you will press at different plants, you can also collect orders by using QRATES. The service is planned to start in Spring 2016.