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The fascinating inside story of electronics best club in Spain will inexorably related, natural and necessary to Jose Carlos Gayo aka D 'Wachman. Delve into the adventures of this DJ and producer from Madrid-and impertinent witnessed what happened in the battles of the electronic underground homeland since its genesis is essential to understand the evolution of music made with machines, in its most vibrant and dance styles especially as it affects the techno and beyond. His expansive career veteran and past-he had originated in the late 80- led him to be an artist usually claimed by the main clubs and festivals in the country where he has always gone along with your vinyl, technique and a vast pristine, groove powerful, exclusive and surprising musical background that includes over 25 years of history of musical genre that has given its dawn, but mornings and evenings. . As mixer and producer D 'Wachman continues, day after day, perfecting an unquestionable reality, growing and improving beat to beat, track by track. As a victim of its own demand knows that its best is yet to come.Atlas -this label founded in the late 90's, which has so far published 18 releases and is the best Madrid label of techno dump mainly with the domestic product and a fixed tech- among the most interesting of Europe now retrieves all their power, strength and splendor thanks to intrinsic sound and vital values, rescued and based on the desire to express themselves musically through self-management in terms of production and distribution.